Bialetti Fiammetta Mocka Pot (3 Cup)





Master the bold, full-flavored coffee of a moka pot with the Bialetti Fiammetta Colours 3-Cup. This visually attractive brewer is simple to use, easy to clean, and brews a killer cup of rich coffee.

Like other moka pots, the Fiammetta Colours forces hot water vapor through finely ground coffee to produce roughly 200 mililitres of a rich, concentrated brew that can be enjoyed on its own, cut with hot water, or topped with steamed milk.

Basic Moka Pot Instructions:

  • Fill the bottom chamber with hot water up to right below the release valve (do not cover the valve).
  • Grind 14g of coffee at a fine setting and place into the coffee basket.
  • Assemble brewer and place on medium to low heat.
  • When brewed coffee fills the upper chamber 80% of the way to the spout, remove from heat.
  • Pour and enjoy immediately.

This moka pot is built from a durable aluminum alloy that makes it suitable for use on all stove types except induction. The handle is ergonomically designed and fashioned from heat resistant bakelite, eliminating the need for handling with a towel or glove.

This model comes in two colours, blue and green, and is topped with a scratch-resistant coating for long-lasting visual appeal.